An overview of Bootstrap Table Vue Component, how to install and what’s includes vue files.

We have a Bootstrap Table Component for Vue.js 2.0+, and it should be able to work with the full API, the full extensions and the full CSS frameworks.




Install and manage Bootstrap table’s CSS, JavaScript, locales, and extensions using npm.

npm install bootstrap-table


The folks over at UNPKG graciously provide CDN support for CSS and JavaScript of Bootstrap table. Just use these links.

Build Files

dist/ folder includes the following vue component files:

└── dist/
    ├── bootstrap-table-vue.js
    ├── bootstrap-table-vue.min.js
    ├── bootstrap-table-vue.esm.js
    └── bootstrap-table-vue.esm.min.js
  • bootstrap-table-vue.js: UMD builds can be used directly in the browser via a <script> tag.
  • bootstrap-table-vue.esm.js ES module builds are intended for use with modern bundlers like webpack 2 or rollup.