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Table Addrbar

Table Addrbar extension of Bootstrap Table.

Every time when changing page, sorting and searching operation, it will change the query params of the address bar. And while page loading, this plugin will use the query params in the address bar to make the request.


<script src="extensions/addrbar/bootstrap-table-addrbar.js"></script>





  • Attribute: data-addrbar

  • Type: Boolean

  • Detail:

    Set to true if you want to use the addrbar feature.

  • Default: false


  • Attribute: data-addr-custom-params

  • Type: Function|Object

  • Detail:

    Define an object in which key and value pairs will be added as custom/additional get parameters to the URL, for example, custom filters. The key is the GET parameter name, and the value is the value of the GET parameter.

  • Default: {}


  • Attribute: data-addr-prefix

  • Type: String

  • Detail:

    The prefix of the query params, it should be used for multi tables.

    While there are many tables in one page, and you want each of them can use this, then you may need the addrPrefix option.

    There are 5 parameters in default. They are

    • page: page number
    • size: page size
    • order: asc/dsc
    • sort: the sort keyword
    • search: search keyword

    If you want each table can use this plugin, this parameters will make the tables bothering each other. The addrPrefix filed will get the tables a unique prefix to avoid.

  • Default: ''


  • Only support server side pagination.