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Table Group By v2

Table Group By v2 extension of Bootstrap Table.


<link rel="stylesheet" href="extensions/group-by-v2/bootstrap-table-group-by.css">
<script src="extensions/group-by-v2/bootstrap-table-group-by.js"></script>


Group By v2



  • attribute: data-group-by

  • type: Boolean

  • Detail:

    Set true to group the data by the field passed.

  • Default: false


  • attribute: data-group-by-field

  • type: String|Array

  • Detail:

    Set the field name(s) that you want to group the data. For a single field use a String e.g. shape. For a multiple fields use a Array e.g. ["shape", "color"].

  • Default: ''


  • attribute: data-group-by-formatter

  • type: Function

  • Detail:

    The group row formatter function, takes three parameters:

    • value: the group by value.
    • idx: the index of the group.
    • data: an array of rows in the group.
  • Default: undefined


  • attribute: data-group-by-toggle

  • type: Boolean

  • Detail:

    Set true to allow collapse/expand groups.

  • Default: false


  • attribute: data-group-by-show-toggle-icon

  • type: Boolean

  • Detail:

    Set true to show icons if the group is collapsed or expanded (see groupByToggle).

  • Default: false


  • attribute: data-group-by-collapsed-groups

  • type: Array|Function

  • Detail:

    All group keys (which are in this array will be collapsed by default. The value of this option can be:

    • A variable (array)
    • An Array string e.g. ["circle"]
    • A function (returns an array) which gets as parameters:
      • The group key
      • The entries of the group
  • Default: []